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XP2, 48FR, R0, 2.5 OP.HP / 4.0HP, 230V, 60HZ, 2SPD, 9.5A/3.0A
XP2, 48FR, R0, 2.0 OP.HP / 3.0HP, 230V, 60HZ, 2SPD, 8.5A/2.6A

Spa Controls

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Name & description
Mid-range spa pack platform
Most rugged spa pack platform ever developed for spa and hot tub manufacturers.

Our new and innovative in.xm spa pack platform includes allthe features and functions you need in a stunning new power box design that sets new standards with its superb combination of looks and functionality. With its waterproof enclosure & breakthrough connectors, in.xm boasts the highest water resistance ever designed in a pack, just one of a long list of innovative features that make in.xm the safest and most reliable spa pack platform ever offered to the industry.

Versatile and heater-”less”, in.xm can be wall-mounted or installed on its mounting base and comes with a perfect companion, our new in.therm intelligent remote water heating system.

• Power box display and buttons
• Light or CoolRays connector
• Accessory connector (in.pocket, in.terface, SpaWatch, etc.)
• General I/O connector (IR receiver*)
• in.keys main and aux. keypad connectors
• Connector for direct 120/240 vac 5 Amp output
  (for in.play audio or video accessories)
• 4 connectors for outputs controlled by 4 independent
  relays (for oz, cp, light, blower and any other
  accessories) (120/240 vac 5 Amp)
• Pump output connector (for 15 amp single speed pump) (120/240 vac)
• 2 output connectors for pumps (rated for dual speed
  pumps up to 20 amp at 240 vac only)
• Output connectors for in.therm remote heating system
  (240 vac)
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Outputs: pump 1 with 1 or 2 speeds; pump 2 with 1 or 2 speeds; pump 3 with 1 speed; blower; ozonator; CP
Direct connection (in.link cables)
in.therm heater sold separately
Compatible keypads in.k450 and in.k600 graphic or static.
Replaces part number 0601-221030.
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